Double teams are a common way to neutralize top offensive [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]players[/tag] – and this drill will help your players develop solid [tag]double team[/tag] skills.

What you need –
Set up a four on four team drill, with an offense against a defense.

How this drill works – In this drill, you are going to have the players work four on four, and the object is to try and double team, or trap the man with the ball at all times.

The drill starts with player one passing to player two on offense (white).  The defensive 1 and 2 players (red) will trap offensive player 2.  Offensive player 2 then passes down to player 4, and defensive player 2 and 4 trap the offensive player down low.

This drill is not necessarily meant to constantly shut down the offense in this situation, it is merely meant to help players understand and execute an effective trap on certain positions on the court.

Note:“  Move the ball to both sides of the court, and also have the defensive players prepared to cover the open passing lanes when a player leaves his man to trap another.

Result – Great awareness of the trap or double team play.  As a coach, you can teach them effective ways of pressuring opposing players while your defenders are trapping.