To get players comfortable with executing the dribble handoff, a key part of the motion offense.


Have players form two lines, one at the top of the paint and one on the wing. Player on the wing will start with a ball.


  • Player 2 will dribble towards the middle of the court.
  • Player 1 will sprint towards the wing, receive the handoff, and dribble into the paint.
  • Player 2 will slip to the hoop after rolling, receiving the pass and finishing at the hoop.
Player 2 dribbles at Player 1 and executes dribble hand-off, rolls to the hoop to receive pass back from Player 1.

Coaching Tips:

  • Once players are comfortable executing the dribble hand-off, you can begin to work in variations – have the player pop instead of rolling, or even have your player execute a fake dribble handoff, hesitating for a moment before driving hard to the hoop.
  • Emphasize the importance of timing and rhythm in the handoff, ensuring the dribbling player synchronizes their pace with the sprinting player for a smooth handoff.
  • Teach players the proper technique for handing off the ball, where the dribbling player should securely yet easily present the ball for the sprinting player to grab.
  • Instruct players on spatial awareness, ensuring proper spacing on the court for the dribble handoff to be effective and create sufficient room for the play to develop.

For Younger Athletes:

  • Focus on fundamental skills such as dribbling and sprinting before combining them into the handoff motion, ensuring comfort with these elements individually.
  • Initially, keep the execution simple, avoiding complex variations until the players are comfortable with the basic handoff move.
  • Use positive reinforcement to encourage younger players, celebrating successful handoffs and providing constructive feedback for improvement.

For Older Athletes:

  • Introduce advanced variations of the drill, such as fake handoffs or popping instead of rolling, to provide a challenge.
  • Teach quick decision-making during the drill, like determining when to hand off versus when to fake and drive to the hoop.
  • Encourage awareness of the defensive setup and adjust handoff strategies accordingly, such as recognizing and exploiting mismatches.