I received these suggestions on drills for [tag]dribbling a basketball[/tag] from Chuck and John.  These work great for the younger players!Dribbling a Basketball

From Chuck…
Dribbling Drill (mostly for younger players):

2 lines at baseline.  Dribble down length of court with right hand, and back with left hand.  But, before crossing half-court, player must call out number of fingers held up by [tag]coach[/tag] standing at center court.

Then, same [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], but must make layup at far end, before returning.

Then, same thing, but make it a relay, and dispense with calling out number of fingers.

From John…

I coach two young youth teams– 6-8 yrs old and 9-10.

At this level most of my attention is geared towards [tag]dribbling[/tag]. So one drill I use is good ole red light, green light.

For the 6-8 year olds I use my voice. They line up on the base line and we dribble and use red light green light.

For the 9-10 years old I use my hand.  My hand up is stop and my hand down is go. This way they have to keep their heads up while they [tag]dribble[/tag]. When they start getting a little big for their britches I have them use their opposite hand. That usually brings them back down to earth.