One of my readers actually suggested this idea for improving [tag]dribbling in basketball[/tag].  I’ve included it for you below. Quite creative!Dribbling in Basketball

From Christoph…
Here is a great warming up game which every one will like.

Create two goals on the [tag]basketball[/tag] court and play indoor soccer.
The only difference: They have to [tag]dribble[/tag] with a basketball while playing soccer. When they want to hit the ball, they must continue dribbling. Loosing their basketball or not [tag]dribbling[/tag] is not [tag]shooting[/tag] on the soccerball.

This game is great for the [tag]coordination[/tag] of the players. They can’t look at the basketball because they have to concentrate on the soccer game. It is not so easy dribbling while trying to hit the soccerball.
Progression from dribbling with the strong hand, dribbling with the weak hand to dribbling with two balls.

Great game for youngsters as well as seniors.