This [tag]basketball[/tag]“ [tag]dribbling[/tag] drill will help develop the players weak hand while handling the ball at game speed.

-“ Form a line on the left baseline (right-handed players will start from the right side)

-“ Player dribbles up the court with his left (weak) hand
-“ At halfcourt, player stops abruptly and makes three hard dribbles with his left hand
-“ Player continues the full length of the court, and converts a layup with his left hand
-“ Player rebounds his own shot and repeats, coming back the opposite direction, staying on the left side of the court, and using his left hand

Points of Emphasis
-“ Keep head up, don’t look at the ball
-“ For this drill, dribble by pounding the ball into the floor, not pushing the ball way out in front and catching up with it
-“ Emphasis is on developing the weak hand, not speed