The below question is from a coach looking for pointers on the exact footwork to be used in a [tag]pick and roll[/tag].

From: “Josh **********
To: Coach Pat Anderson
Subject: pick and roll [tag]drills for basketball[/tag]

Hey Coach,

Thanks so much for the videos and tips.  Really like the 1-4
offense.. I have always utilized the double pick for the PG but have
a question about the pick and roll.

When a post player makes the roll which way should they swing
(pivot) when they charge down the lane?“  I have always taught my
players to turn towards the ball and then charge the lane.  Is this
correct?“  Is that how they “seal” the defender off?

thanks for any help!



Hey Josh,
Good question… the answer is: it depends where the defender is.

The players setting the screen needs to seal off his defender by making a reverse pivot, swinging his leg around his defender’s body and sealing him off.

The pivot can be with either leg, depending on which will give the screener“  a better position to seal him off.

Just make sure your players know the difference between a front pivot and reverse pivot.  A front pivot will help them step towards the ball, but won’t seal the defender.  They really need to wrap their leg around the guy an prevent him from moving.

Hope that helps.