Tara and Pamela emailed me and sent in these [tag]drills for girls basketball[/tag].  I copied and pasted them below.  These [tag]drills[/tag] will work for everyone!Drills for Girls Basketball

From Tara…
We do a little post 1 on 1 [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that the girls love.  It goes like this:

The [tag]coach[/tag] stands at the Foul Line with two posts, players one on each side on the elbows.  The coach [tag]shoots[/tag] the ball, missing the shot, on the release both players crash in for the [tag]offensive rebound[/tag], going up strong for the put-back.  These players continue playing 1 on 1 under the basket until someone scores.

Emphasis on crashing hard, contesting the put-back, and boxing-out on the second shot in case of a miss.

From Pamela…
To make my girls quicker and faster on the ball: I make two lines of girls behind the basket, one line on each side of the same basket.

Each line of girls stands behind the in-line.  I, coach, stand under the basket with the ball.  I roll the ball, then whistle for the drill to begin. Both girls go for the ball as soon as I whistle.  The one who retrieves it first, then [tag]dribbles[/tag] in for a shot.  If both get to the ball at the same time, I see who comes up with the ball and let the drill continue.  If nobody can come up with the ball, I whistle to stop the drill and start the next two girls.

The girls love this drill.  This also helps with their aggression.