Take a look at these submissions from Tony and from Cary.  Two great examples of [tag]drills to get quicker for basketball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Drills to Get Quicker for Basketball

From Tony…
I’m sure all of you already do this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] but it sure has helped me get my big men going to the hoop higher and harder not to mention the [tag]basketball conditioning[/tag] it gives them.

I place a [tag]basketball[/tag] on each of the rectangles on either side of the hoop. Then the player must as quick and hard as he can reach down , grab the ball and explode to the basket while shooting. As soon as he hits the ground he runs to the other ball and does the same while you are setting the first ball back into its spot.

Have him do this as much as he can effectively, then just work up to more reps as he gets stronger and better.

From Cary…
To improve a defender’s ability to move their feet, I have found this [tag]basketball defense drill[/tag] to be helpful.  This drill can be done from full court or from half court.

Essentially, you have a defender who steps out between the dribbler and the hoop.  He has to prevent the offensive player from dribbling down and getting a layup.  The defender must put his hands behind his back and keep them there the entire time.  He now must use his feet to stop a layup. “  Be sure and pair up players of similar speed.