Randy in Worcester emailed me looking for advice on [tag]drills training[/tag].  Here are a couple of ideas sent to me from Phil and Brian.Drills Training

From Phil:

I’ve been coaching my daughter for the past 4 years in our local youth [tag]basketball[/tag] league and one of the drills I like to do is a variation of the standard Lay Up [tag]Drill[/tag].

There are 2 lines: one shooting and one rebounding at the top of the key. “ 
A defender (usually myself) stands somewhere in the paint and forces the ballhandler to make decision – either drive to the basket or pass it to the rebounder, depending on where the defender is positioned, for the better shot.  As an additional facet I’ll have one of the players box out the defender and try to get a missed shot for an easy put back. 
This drill has many of the fundamentals in it. 

It teaches decision making, court awareness, passing, shooting, rebounding and boxing-out not to mention to play as a TEAM.  It’s a quick drill that tries to simulate game conditions.
From Brian:

One of my drills, due to the fact I [tag]coach[/tag] seven eighth graders, is a dribbling and lay up drill with four balls.
One line under each basket at each end and then two kids on each side at mid court. 
The drill starts wiith righty dribbling and lay up and then we switch to lefty as well. 
You can focus them on dribbling correctly in open court as well as get them accustomed to the fast break lay up.