In my last post, I took a look at the drive and kick series, a skeleton drill that you can use to work on your players passing, shooting,

Basketball Drills
Baseline Drift

and driving abilities, as well as teach them proper court spacing. In that post, we examined how to drive and kick going inside from the wing. Now were going to look at how to pass and move offensively and defensively if the player drives to the wing.

Drive and Kick Series – Baseline Drift

Setup with your players in the same position as in the last drill – but this time, setup four cones on the court. one at each baseline corner three, one on each 45 degree angle at the arc, just above the foul line extended. These cones are their as a guide, to show your players areas on the court that they should be sliding to on each penetration by a teammate.

When the wing player with the ball at the right side 45 drives right, to the baseline, the defender will stay in defensive stance and slide along with him. With players at the top of the key and the left side 45, your second defender will start off in the region of the left elbow and slide down into the paint on the foul lane line, mimicking his help rotation in a real game.

The offensive players will slide, the one up top to the left wing, and the player originally at the left wing drifting down to the baseline. To start, have the offensive player always make the first pass to the baseline player. The defender will then sprint and close out, at which point the ball will be passed back up to the left wing – the defender will sprint close out here again as the player takes the three pointer.

This way players will always know where they can find their teammates, anticipating open passes leading to easy opportunities, or perhaps bailing them out of a bad situation. And if you want more keys to an unstoppable half-court offense, click the link!