Today’s video blog post features drills for your basketball offense to work on their Fast Break conditioning.

What exactly is the Fast Break for Basketball Offense?

During the Fast break, a team attempts to move the ball up court and into scoring position as quickly as possible, so the defense is outnumbered and doesn’t have time to set up. “  Fast breaks are most often the result of a good defensive play such as a steal, off a block or a missed shot by the other team.

There are various styles of the fast break.  In a typical fast break situation, the defending team gets the ball and passes it to their fastest player, who then sets up the fast break. “  That player speed-dribbles the ball upcourt, with several players trailing him.  He then either passes it to another player for a quick basket, or takes the shot himself.

Recognition, speed, ball-handling skills and decision making are critical to the success of a fast break.


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