And in our final play of the 3-2 offenses playbook, we’ll again spread the defense out, placing our small forward in the left corner, shooting guard in the right corner, center down on the right block and our power forward up on the left elbow.

On the point guard’s single, both wings will exchange, however the small forward will go low, using a flex screen from the center, and the shooting guard will come across high, using a flex screen from the power forward.

Now if our power forward has a mismatch, we can have the point guard enter into the elbow and then space out to the right wing, with the center sliding out to the soft corner and the shooting guard down to the left corner to give him as much room to work with as possible. Otherwise, we want to get into our handoff action.

The point guard will pass to the power forward and then cut over to the shooting guard setting a screen.  What happens next is completely up to the shooting guard. If the defense is overplaying the screen, he’ll fake high before cutting back door, looking for the bounce pass from the power forward.

Otherwise, we want our two guard to come high and use the screen, rubbing shoulders with the power forward as he receives the handoff and penetrates into the paint.

From there the two guard has a bevy of options, from penetrating all the way to the rack, hitting the center on a duck in, or kicking out to a perimeter player for the jump shot.