I received this suggestion on [tag]flex basketball offense[/tag] from Patrick. Check out the [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]play[/tag] that Corey sent in.  Keep ’em coming!Flex Basketball Offense

From Patrick…

Form 3 lines of [tag]offensive[/tag] players spread evenly across the base line.
Directly in front of these 3 lines will be three defenders even with the foul line.
The [tag]coach[/tag] will pass the ball to one of the three players in line. The defender directly in front of the offensive player receiving the pass must run and touch the base line before they can play defense.

The [tag]offense[/tag] will have a 3 on 2 fast break for a short period of time prior to the third defender recovering.

Emphasis on bringing the ball up the middle of the court and the outside players running the wings.

Switch defenders after a period of time.

From Corey…
A great play to get a three point shot off every time .

1 – 4 set have the two players on the [tag]free throw[/tag] line and two wings in a row line extended, the best shooter gets two picks set as he runs out to get the pass from the one if they switch its a easy dump down for a bunny