Play Type:“ “  Pre-Game Warm-Up Drill


This pregame warm-up drill is a simple one to start out with; it gets your guys moving and passing, catching the ball at high speeds, and making lay-ups at high speeds.  With this drill, the ball rarely touches the floor except for the man going in for the lay-up.

Set Up:

The ball starts underneath the basket. We have four players spread out on the perimeter at each corner.



  1. To start out, you’re going to pass the ball and follow your pass.
  2. A player receives the pass, he makes his pass, he follows his pass, and he ets behind the person he just threw it to.
  3. As soon as this person catches the ball, he’s going to pass opposite and follow his pass. And he’s going to run behind his pass and get to that spot.
  4. The next person in line is going to throw across the court, catch it.
  5. As he passes, he’s going to follow his pass and get to where he passed it to.
  6. The next guy in line is going to pass to your last man, who’s cutting to the basket for a lay-up.
  7. Again, the guy who passed it is going to follow his spot.
  8. The guy who shoots the lay-up is going to run off the floor and as soon as the ball comes out of the net, the next man is going to grab it, and throw diagonally again to start the next possession.


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