This is a [tag]free basketball dribbling[/tag] drill I picked up at a clinic in Arizona last fall.  Try this out with your team tonight!Free Basketball Dribbling

Dribble Train
This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] starts with a line of all your players (6 or More)in the corner (baseline) on the sideline all facing up court.  Each player should be able to touch the person in front of them.  The person at the head of the line has a [tag]basketball[/tag] and the last person in line has a ball.

The group starts running up the sideline– player at the head of the line flips the ball over their head to the next person on to next person until the ball reaches the new last person in line (still continuing to run around the perimeter of the basketball court).

While the players are passing the ball & running around the court, the“  current last player in line is dribbling in a zig zag pattern between the players until reaching the front of the line.  When reaching the front of the line the dribbler passes the ball back and the last person becomes the dribbler.

Even though this sounds difficult, I started using this drill with 6th graders and have found success.

The drill promotes teamwork, ballhandling and is a fun way to run without seeming like you are running.
To increase the challenge,“  time how long it takes the group to go around the perimeter of the court and have the group try to beat their time the next trip.