When coaching the sport of [tag]basketball[/tag], one of the best ways to improve your players’ skill levels is to run a series of skill-specific [tag]drills[/tag] during practices.  The following free basketball drills focus specifically on improving your players’ dribbling skills.Free Basketball Drills

The first of the [tag]free basketball drills[/tag] that aim to make your team better dribblers is called the Figure 8 drill.  Have each of your players stand with their feet shoulder width apart, their knees slightly bent and one foot ahead of the other.  They can choose whichever foot feels more comfortable.  Give each player a basketball and have them place it in their right hand.

The [tag]drill[/tag] begins with each player dribbling the ball around their right foot from front to back.  When the ball reaches the center spot between the player’s legs, have them switch their [tag]dribbling[/tag] hand to maneuver the ball around their left foot, whereupon they continue to dribble around the foot from back to front.

Once the ball reaches the center again, switch back to the right hand.  When observing the players carry out this drill, make sure that they dribble the ball a few inches off the ground and that they always keep their heads up.

The next of the free basketball drills highlights the contrast between fast dribbling and stopping to make a quick shot.  Have your players line up on the baseline and upon your signal start dribbling full speed across the court.  When they reach the free throw line, each player is to come to a quick two-foot jump stop.  After stopping for a second to catch their breath, have your players turn around and complete the dribble stop drill in the opposite direction. Control is crucial to this exercise.