Take a look at these submissions from Joshua and Lewis.  Two great suggestions for free basketball plays and drills that can work with all age groups.Free Basketball Plays

From Joshua…
Here is a basketball play I call “BLUE“.  RUN THIS PLAY ONLY IF THE DEFENSE IS IN A MAN TO MAN.

Point guard brings the ball down the floor and passes the basketball to the wing. The post player then pops out to the left corner and gets the pass from the wing. The wing cuts to the basket getting the pass back from the post for the easy lay up.

Works all the time….
From Lewis…
My best idea for a basketball drill is for the low post area.
I have my low post practice and learn that when the ball is passed from strong side to middle or weak side, roll over or under denying defensive player looking for bounce pass.

If you run this drill regularly you will get some easy baskets or go to the free throw line. Good luck!!!