[tag]Basketball coach[/tag]es can always use ideas for [tag]free basketball shooting games drills[/tag].  Give the game below a try at one of your [tag]basketball practice[/tag]s–a welcome change from the regular drills!

Sideline Basketball
Purpose:“  A good team-oriented [tag]basketball[/tag] game that encourages hustle and communication.

1) Divide your basketball team into two teams.
2) Have the teams spread out on opposite sidelines.  Choose which end is the beginning of the line.
3) Each round you will call a number (1-5) and that many players from each time come from the beginning of the line to play the other team full court.  It could be one-on-one or five-on-five.
4) The teammates on the floor can only dribble twice, but can use the teammates still on the sidelines to pass to (they need to be spread out) or use other teammates on the floor.
5) Once a team scores, the round is over and those players go to the end of the line.
6) A new number is called and the game is continued.  Keep a continuous score!
7) You can play for a certain amount of time or to a specific score.
Free Basketball Shooting Games Drills
They need to communicate with all team members in order to be successful and everyone needs to be paying attention.