Unless they’ve been coaching for next to forever, [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]coaches[/tag] are always on the lookout for new plays. Coaches want plays that can be used in games and they also like to have plays that they can use in practice to test the players’ abilities. For coaches looking for [tag]plays[/tag] to test player’s skills and abilities there are plenty of [tag]free basketball tryout plays[/tag] on the internet. Free Basketball Tryout Plays

Free basketball tryout plays are great for coaches because these plays allow a coach to kill two birds with one stone: check out the abilities of the players and see how well each of the players can follow directions.

Of course the coach first must explain what basketball tryout [tag]drill[/tag] he/she wants the players to run. After explaining the play to the players, anyone who doesn’t run the play correctly either isn’t a good listener or doesn’t comprehend the game well. Either way, not running the play right isn’t a good sign for the player.

Then when the players run the play, a coach can take a look at the abilities of each of the players on the basketball court. Of course it’s not during a real game situation or even a scrimmage but players who have skill will shine brighter than players who don’t, even during a basketball tryout play.

One of the free basketball tryout plays that can run requires two offensive players and two defensive players.  One offensive player will start with the ball at the top of the key. The other offensive player will begin on the wing. The defenders will D-up.

The offensive player without the ball will come over and set a pick for the ball handler. The defender covering the man without the ball should be yelling “pick, pick” to let the other defender know a pick is coming. Then the ball handler should use the pick to get himself free of the defender. The other defender should pick-up the ball and “switch” should be yelled. Then the man setting the pick should roll off and run to the basket. The defender, for the purpose of the drill, should let him go. Then the ball will be passed down low and a lay-up should be made.

This drill practices dealing with a pick on defense, it shows how well players move their feet on defense, it practices the pick and roll on offense, and it shows a players ability to pass, receive a pass, and shoot a simple lay-up. The play is also somewhat complicated but not so much so that a player can’t understand what is happening.

Free basketball tryout plays are great because they allow a coach to evaluate many parts of a player by just teaching the team a couple simple plays. One of the great free basketball tryout plays uses the pick and roll and involves 2 players on offense and 2 players on defense.