Try these [tag]free youth basketball coaching tips[/tag] with your team. As we all know they need to run a lot to get into shape and conditioned.  Most of the time they do not like to run.  But they love to shoot free throws.

Have all your [tag]basketball[/tag] players line up and each player gets to shoot 2 shots.  When they miss one that adds 1 to their list. If they make one that takes away.  However many they end up with they run that many suicides.  If they end up with a negative number (which isn’t very often, the other coach and myself run that many.

It really gets them to work hard because they like to see the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] run!“  I usually will run with them every now and then.  They really like that also.  Sometimes when I am running with them after a few I will say, “okay whoever can beat me this next time can sit out”.  If it looks like they are trying really hard I will let them win.