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From Chris…
My fast break [tag]basketball drill[/tag]:
Fast Break — two teams of three, each team wearing different colored shirts, each team (offense and defense) has players numbered 1, 2 and 3. 

The offense is lined up on the base line, one under the basket, one on each side.  The defense is lined up one at the free throw line, one each at each free throw line extended, facing the offense. [tag]Basketball coach[/tag] misses shot, yells “one”, “two”, or “three”.  The offense player whose number is called must get the rebound.  The other two offensive players must run to the outlet position and yell “outlet”.  The outlet player who receives the outlet past must then dribble and advance the [tag]basketball[/tag] in the middle.  The rebounder/passer must fill the lane vacated by the offensive player who has received the outlet pass and dribbled towards the middle lane of the three lane fast break.  The defensive player whose number is called must first run and touch the base line, then join the two other defensive players and attempt to stop the fast break.
This is a great [tag]basketball transition drill[/tag], teaching skeleton fast break, rebounding, outlet passing, and defending against the other team’s fast break.