Many coaches struggle with [tag]free youth basketball drills[/tag].  Here is one suggestion that one of my subscribers sent to me.Free Youth Basketball Drills

From Dan…
I’m working with little guys 5th and 6th graders – all with varying skill levels. But a good [tag]basketball warm up drill[/tag] is the use of all 6 goals.

The gym we use has two shorter cross court practice floors (common). I fortunately have 12 kids this season so this works out perfect. Two kids at each goal – one with a ball.

In a clockwise or counter clockwise motion each ball holder dribbles to the next basket. Each basket will have a variable shot – layups, reverse layups, stop and shoot at varied distances and I also place a chair on the far side of the approach that forces them to swing around and turn back to the basket. This usually forces a cross over dribble and allows me to teach the kids to balance for the shot. The player without the [tag]basketball[/tag] is the rebounder and takes off to the next hoop. Less than twelve kids – no problem – they can act as their own rebounder creating a quick full circle for the player at all baskets.

This works on their legs too – easy to see who loses their shot when their tired. Another twist when you have at least twelve -the player without the ball puts a hand in their face when the other shoots.