Free Youth Basketball Shooting Layup DrillsEddie in Oregon came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]free youth basketball shooting layup drills[/tag].  Keep ‘em coming!

I call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] the Doty drill.  It is a [tag]full court layup drill[/tag]. We run it for two min. at a time and the players have to make 72 layups in the two minutes.

Start with a line of players under each basket, the first player in line has the [tag]basketball[/tag]. Two players with a ball start at center court. I place two cones at center court to make the players swing wide.

The players start by dribbling at full speed and shooting a layup. The next player in line rebounds and goes full speed to the other end. The shooter goes to the end of the line. So you have four players with balls going at once. If they don’t get the 72 we either do it over or run sprints. It’s great for conditioning.