This is both a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]passing drill[/tag] for guards, but also a drill for the [tag]post[/tag] position.

What you need – Match up two post players and a guard, and run as many stations as you have baskets.  The guards will start off with a ball.  See diagram below for more details on positioning.

How this drill works
– To start, the guard will handle the ball just outside the three point line.  The two post players (defense in red) will be working the low post area in this drill.

The 4 man will do one of two things:“  Fake roll backward and come front door, or fake front and go back door.  At this point it is the responsibility of the 1 man to make the quick pass into the key so the team can score a quick basket.

To add another element to this drill, you can do a couple of things:
-“ “ “  Add a defender on the guard, to defend against the pass
-“ “ “  Add an off-side defender that will help the post player if he or she is beaten down low

The purpose of this drill is to improve the timing and the quick read skills of the guard, but also to help the post player learn to identify and execute a quick move underneath the hoop.

– Both your guard and your post player will begin to understand the importance of quick passes and quick cuts when you want to execute a back door pass down low.