I was at practice last night and used these [tag]fun basketball drills[/tag] that were sent in by Troy. “  Fun Basketball Drills

We have two very fun [tag]basketball[/tag] drills for our guards and posts to help them finish in traffic.  For the guards, it is the split drill.  Two defenders stand across from one another about two feet apart at the basket.  The offensive player will drive to the basket and “Split” the defenders, jump stop and power the lay-up.  The defenders try to strip the ball away as the offensive player goes to the basket.  It reminds me of the football runningback who runs through defenders on both sides trying to take the football.  This really makes our offensive players learn how to go through traffic under control and be strong. “ “ “ 
“ Another drill we do with our posts is a two on one put back. “  The offensive player stands between two defensive players on one block while the coach throws the ball over the rim off the backboard.  The offensive player (between the two defenders)“  will go up and get the rebound and put it back off the board.  The two defenders will bump the offensive player on the way up to the basket.  The offensive player learns to keep the ball above his head and taking it up strong to the basket.  We do this drill on both sides of the basket.  It is great for the posts so they will keep the ball above their head and go strong.  Plus they must get used to contact while concentrating on the basket.