This email is from a coach looking for some [tag]fun basketball drills[/tag] he can use with his [tag]youth basketball[/tag] team.

From: Ade **********

To: Coach Pat Anderson

Subject: [tag]Fun basketball drills for kids[/tag] 6-8

hi coach, I am going to deliver for 6 -8 years old and don’t have enough fun drills. the aim here is participation and not performance. ANy ideas, i shall be looking forward to hearing from you soon/.

Regards, Ade





Hi Ade With 6-8 year olds you’ll want to incorporate skill building games as much as possible. Bump is a good example: The whole team lines up around 6 feet away from the basket (you can move back to the free throw line or three point line with older kids).

Put 2 balls at the front of the line, one with the first player, one with the second player.

The object of the game is to “bump” out the player in front of you by scoring before he does. The first player starts the game by taking a shot. Immediately after, the second player takes a shot. If the first player scores first, he passes the ball back to the front of the line, where the third player is waiting. If the second player scores first, the first player is out. He passes the ball back to the third player and sits on the side. I

f neither player scores right away, they each grab their rebounds and try to score a layup as soon as possible. The drill continues in this fashion with each player trying to bump out the player in front of them by scoring before they do. One alteration on this drill is to play with “lives”.

Each player gets 3 lives, or 3 chances before they are actually knocked out. “Power bump” allows the players to actually knock away another player’s ball by using their own ball. Try this drill in your practices to increase the fun factor, while also teaching shooting, rebounding and passing skills.

Thanks, Coach Pat