This is one of those [tag]fun basketball drills[/tag] that I absolutely love running, especially with non-aggressive players. We named it ROLL OUT.

Pair your [tag]basketball[/tag] players up by position and have one wear a light jersey and one wear a dark jersey. The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] stands out of bounds under the hoop. One color (dark or white) lines up on each side, across form their partner.

The coach rolls the basketball out on the floor and the front player in each line goes after it. Whoever recovers the ball then plays offense and the two players head back to the hoop, playing 1-on-1.

To increase the stakes, I give the team (Light or Dark) who recovers the ball 1 point and if the Offense scores they get another point. If the defense stops them without fouling, they get a point. If they foul, but don’t allow the bucket, there is no second point awarded.

Whichever team is behind after a set number of rolls (usually one or twice through) has an equal number of conditioning (sit-ups, push ups, wall jumps, laps, etc.) to the amount they are behind.