Here is one of our favorite [tag]fun basketball drills[/tag].  I finish my practice with this [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

It’s hard to have drill after drill and not have some fun or your basketball players will not enjoy the game.  I finish our [tag]basketball practice[/tag] with the 12 players standing around the paint and one of them shoots a free throw. Then they rotate until all 12 of them have shot the free throw.

I have a deal with them that if they make any three shots in a row I will run a lap around the gym. If they made all 12 shots I would have to run 4 laps. “  If they never accomplish that then after they shoot they run a lap.

It’s the most serious team building plan they do that they are all pulling for each other.

They focus on the shot, they pull for each other and then “they” run as a team together around the gym!