I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Jerry in Toronto. “  It includes some fresh ideas on [tag]fun drills for youth basketball[/tag].  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Fun Drills for Youth Basketball

We call“ this the Laker Drill because at one time the Los Angeles Lakers always ended their practices with this fun drill. But we have added to it over the years to make it our own.
We split the teams in half and put one [tag]basketball[/tag] team at one elbow and one at the other. You shoot and get your own rebound and then pass back to your teammate. First team to 10 wins…you have to win by two AND if you get “three up” at anytime that game is over and you get one game.

Then we move our two teams to the baseline facing each other and they shoot and rebound and pass back to their team…first team to 7 wins this game and they get a game. Same rules apply throughout…must win by two and if your team goes “three up” that game is over.

Then we move the two teams to three point land and play to 5…same rules apply. This segment is worth 2 games so if one team is down 2 games to none they can still win this segment and force a tie-breaker back at the elbow where we started to win it all again playing to 10.

Winners each get a candy bar for their efforts.