One of the biggest areas that coaches request help with are fresh ideas for [tag]fundamental basketball drills[/tag].  Try this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] below for a great suggestion on this topic.

Often there are kids on the new JV basketball teams who have never played [tag]basketball[/tag] before and have little or no basic basketball skills.

A great [tag]basketball dribbling drill[/tag] the kids love is “Pac Man” –

Use the lines on the court as the path they must follow (dribbling with their dominant hand and then switching when I call out “change” {groan} ) and one person is the Pac Man and dribbles on the same lines, getting people “out”. They dribble like crazy to get away from that one person! Once they are out they sit on the side lines cheering their team members on.Fundamental Basketball Drills

I almost always ask what we should do to warm up/cool down and this is the game they always want (and no one has ever said “but Coach I don’t want to do more dribbling drills”!)