I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]basketball drills[/tag] to use for [tag]fundamentals of shooting a baskeball[/tag] over the past few days.  Here are a couple of ideas sent in to me by subscribers.  Keep ’em coming!Fundamentals of Shooting a Basketball

From Jay…
Here is a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] I call “31” that the kids like.
Start with 2 players at each basket with one ball for each 2 man team.
The first player shoots a jump shot and gets his own rebound and shoots a lay up, then rebounds and pass to player #2 to do the same. They get two points for every made jump shot and one point for the lay up.

The first team to 31 wins. With my team of 10 players I will use five baskets at once and I will have them move to five different spots to shoot the first shot. “ It also works well with 3 pointers.
From John…
Rebound-Putback Drill
With my 4th grade girls, I have them form a line on the right side of the basket.  I stand on the left, shoot the ball over the basket, and the first girl in line rebounds the [tag]basketball[/tag] and puts it right back up into the hoop.  She goes to the end of the line, I grab the ball and shoot it over again for the next girl. 

Go through the line a few times and then switch sides.  Very effective offensive [tag]basketball rebound drill[/tag] that leads to many baskets during the game.