Gifts for Basketball CoachesLooking for [tag]gifts for Basketball Coaches[/tag]?….

Hey Everyone-

Just a quick note…

Since yesterday, I’ve gotten a ton of
email from coaches asking for a direct
link to my Holiday [tag]Basketball[/tag] Coaching

Here it is:

Just forward this link to a loved one (or Santa) and
let them know which item you’d like to
receive under the tree this year.

Won’t it be great to get something
you actually want? 🙂

Talk soon,
Coach Pat

PS- For the first time ever I’m offering
all of my Basketball Coaching Resources
in one package…

“The Limited Time Holiday Bundle”

This bundle is HEAVILY discounted and
only available for a limited time.

With these Scrooge-approved prices, you
may want to get a copy for yourself
right now.