Take a look at this submission from Gene in New York.  A great example of“ a [tag]girls basketball drill[/tag] that can work with all age groups.

“ “ “ Girls Basketball Drills“  4 on 4 on 4 half court competition.
1. Three teams of 4.
2. I color code them Red, Blue, and Gold.
3. 1 team is out of bounds under the basket.
4. Pick 1 color to start on defense, 1 to start on offense, and the other color is out of bounds waiting to come out on defense.
5. There is no out of bounds.
6. If the offense scores they stay on and the new defense jumps in and the unsuccessful defense gets off the court.
7. An“  outlet pass must be thrown to the coach, and the coach gives it back. 
8. If the defense boxes out and gets the rebound they outlet to the coach, and are now on offense.
9. I have them play till a score of 10 is achieved or for 5 minutes.  Which ever comes first.

Coaching points:
1. If my point of emphasis is: boxing out the defense must box out on“  the rebound or its a violation, and they have to exit – letting the other team come on the court to play defense.
2. If my point of emphasis is: Setting screens the offense must set a legal screen leading to the score or they exit, and the D goes to O and the waiting team comes on as the new D.
3. Your points of emphasis can be what you feel your team needs for improvement.
4. The winning team doesn’t have to do whatever penalty you wish to impose.