I’ve struggled getting my girls to be physical under the hoop; especially the younger players.  Try these [tag]girls basketball drills[/tag] to improve their skills.

I have a line of girls from the foul line and out.  The first two girls in line are involved.  Both are facing the basket. The girl in front of the line has the [tag]basketball[/tag] and tosses it up against the backboard and goes get the rebound under the hoop.  The second girl follows and is physical with the girl who rebounded.  The rebounder pump fakes and then leans into the defender on her back and goes up hard, making the basket and drawing contact.

Another [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is having one offensive player on the block being closely guarded by a defender.  The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] is out on the wing and feeds the girl under the hoop.  The offensive girl works on recognizing where the defender is playing so as to understand her options.

I give the girls three main options: Drop Step, Up and Under, or kick back out. Have the defender rotate cheating low and then high.  You can then move this drill to the elbow as well.