If you are looking for [tag]girls basketball drills[/tag], give these two a try.  Just so you know–they work for all players, boys and girls!

For the first [tag]basketball drill[/tag], I put all my players in a circle except 1 and she is in the middle. I pass one ball to her and she must pass it to the next person that passed it to her. Than I start another [tag]basketball[/tag] following the same passing order as the first.

Then I send a 5 lb medicine ball behind the second ball and I label this ball “adversity“. The kids have a great time and must pay attention because if you don’t adversity will hit you hard.

The second basketball drill is for girls who were having a hard time grasping quickly the difference in body positioning between offense and defense.  I call it “think fast“.

I just get them under one basket and I have the ball and yell “White offense!” And they have to respond quickly to get on offense or “Blue defense!” Or “white defense!” Or “Blue offense!”

I quickly pass off the ball to the offensive team and see if they can make a play happen. And this lets me know right away who is getting the concept and it really hones their skills to adapt in midstream. It’s simple but effective and keeps them on their toes.