One of the coolest [tag]girls basketball drills[/tag] my players like is the ball handling bean bag toss. They pair up and each with a [tag]basketball[/tag].

They dribble and toss the bean bag back and forth between each other for practice. I do 3 minutes for each dribbling hand. This is a drill I do once in the beginning of [tag]basketball practice[/tag] and again at the end.

Another [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is for boxing out. Each team of five forms a circle at the center of the court with the ball centered and sitting in the middle. Each player pairs up–having one in the circle and one player outside.

The inside player has to prevent the outer player from getting the ball inside. They are timed how fast the outer team can get the ball. Then they switch positions after doing the drill 4 times.We have found that this drill challenges the girls to really keep their eyes on their player and be aggressive enough to hold their player back.