If you’re searching for ideas for [tag]girls basketball drills[/tag], try these with your teams. While coaching a middle school [tag]girls basketball[/tag] team, I found the girls were afraid and resistant for going after a [tag]basketball[/tag] on the ground.

In order to get them to go after a ball on the ground I set a ball in the middle of the court and broke the team down into even numbered rounds. The groups would stand in a circle with their partners one behind the other.  The first player would be one and the second would be two.  When I called the number the player would run all the way around the circle, back to their partner and have to crawl under their legs and be the first one to get the ball.

Since starting this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] even when the girls are playing 2 on 2 and the ball is loose they will hit the floor to get it!

Another one of our favorite drills is foot shuffling while listening to the coach for instructions.  Two lines of players.
The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] blows the whistle and points left, right, forward, or back. The players shuffle sideways or forward and back, with palms up, knees bent and head straight ahead and up.  The last part of the drill is the coach yells “Take a charge!”.  The players fall back.

The players have fun and they are learning good body mechanics for defense positions.