This idea for girls basketball plays was sent to me from one of my readers.  As a basketball coach for grade school children, this is one of his favorite basketball drills. Girls Basketball Plays

From Bob…
I coach 3rd and 4th grade girls and keep things pretty simple for the kids.  One basketball play that worked great for my girls is explained below.  What it taught them was the importance of setting a good pick/screen, and how what one does on the floor (the person setting the pick) can affect others ability/opportunity to get open for a clean shot.  It worked well for this developmental league, but may a be a bit simple for the more advanced teams.

1) Point guard brings the ball up the center of the court and calls the play

2) The rest of the players 2,3,4 & 5 line up across the free throw line…the 3 and 4 stand at the outer edge of the circle and the 2 & 5 extend 1/2 way out towards the out of bounds line.

3) When the players are set up, the 1 will call the play again and the girls on the inside (the 3 & 4) run out and set the pick for the 2 & 5.  They set the pick in a way that the 2 & 5 spin towards the out of bounds line and both sprint towards the basket.  Most times, both girls were wide open for an easy lay-up.  The hardest decision is which one of the wide open girls gets the pass from the point guard.  Because the players are spread from the beginning and the girls guarding the 3 & 4 also go way out towards the line, the lane is WIDE OPEN for the easy bounce pass or chest pass.

I hope you agree, this can be a great basketball play for the right age bracket…it worked great for us!