Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their favorite girls basketball plays and drills. I’ve included two of these replies below (very creative)!Girls Basketball Plays

From Jerry…
I coach a girls middle school basketball team and kids ages 9 through 14 tend to get bored pretty easy doing fundamental basketball drills and just practicing in general.

So now for the last 20mins of practice we divide into two teams (blue & white) and play 4 five minute quarters running clock with assistant basketball coaches as refs. They work much harder during practice and some of the best games are the blue & white. Playing for bragging rights is very competitive. Hey the kids love it and our improvement is fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

From Sheryle…
I am coaching an elementary girls team. Don’t get into too many detailed plays at this level as learning the basics seems to be the way to go. I too love to have new basketball practice drills ideas to keep the girls from getting bored and learning new things.

I try to have a well organized practice which can be very time consuming. Anyways here is a basketball play that was passed on to me. Ball thrown in to point guard. PG brings ball up court to 3pt or foul line. Two post are at baseline, switching back and forth, waiting for the pass. PG passes to the one post, the other post continues the switch and is given a hand off. Takes a shot. Catches D off guard.