Special thanks to Darla for sending this one in.  If you’re looking for [tag]girls basketball practice drills[/tag], try this out!Girls Basketball Practice Drills

From Darla…
I noticed that most of the games my 5th graders played, we were getting the ball constantly grabbed out of our hands.  So I tried what I call the aggression [tag]basketball drill[/tag].  The coach hands a ball to 2 players who each grab the [tag]basketball[/tag] while still in the coach’s hands.  On “go” they each try to rip the ball out of the other girl’s hands.

Things that work well:“  trying to rotate the ball towards your body, giving one quick tug instead of hugging the ball, and putting one leg in the middle of the other persons body (giving you leverage and optimum balance to pull the ball away).  What a difference it made in the next game!

I also found that on fast breaks my girls couldn’t physically catch up to the ball and then continue running and dribbling to the hoop.  I started standing at midcourt and tossing the ball over the girls’ heads as they sprinted towards the basket.  They had to catch up to the ball, continue dribbling to the hoop, and finish the layup.

Worked wonders for our fast break!