Are you trying to come up with new ideas for [tag]girls basketball shooting drills[/tag]?“  Here’s a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] that was sent to me recently.  Give it a try!

We created a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for our 4th grade girls who were getting shot opportunities in the paint, but losing the ball by dribbling and/or taking too much time setting up for the shot.

Drill is called TURN AND SHOOT. The kids loved it.Girls Basketball Shooting Drills

1. Player gets in ready position about halfway between the sideline and“  block.
2. You say “go” and the player runs to the middle of the key, hands up, and comes to a jump stop.
3. You toss them a pass (increasingly harder ones to grab as the season wears on) and they have 2 seconds to secure the [tag]basketball[/tag], turn square up“  (without dribbling) and shoot.
3. Each basket is worth 1 point. First player to 7 wins. Winner gets to pick the next basketball drill (which was usually …. TURN AND SHOOT!).

We ran the drill at least twice per practice — once from each side of the“  basket. My own kids now ask to play it every time we’re shooting hoops in the alley.