Play Type:“ “  Offensive Play

Set Up:

Start in the High Post offense formation, with your two guards up top, your two forwards down low in the russian corners, and your center on the middle of the free-throw line.

Basketball Coaching


  1. Have your point guard dribble over to the right wing.
  2. As they drive over, have the small forward fake like they are coming up to the same wing for a hand-off, and then back cut underneath the hoop.
  3. The center will sprint down to the hoop, setting a downscreen on the small forward’s man.
  4. As the small forward comes up through to the top of the key to receive the pass, the off guard will slide along the three point line, spacing out to the wing.
  5. Your power forward is going to sprint up to the top of the key, and set a pick on the small forward’s man. This final pick and roll is the play we’ve been looking for the whole time.

Coaching Tips:

You can either have the power forward roll to the basket after the pick and have the center fill in back up to the free throw line, or have them both stay put, depending on the strength’s and weaknesses of your big men.



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