In today’s video blog post, we are going to expand on going hard and defending a person (just like we do in the 8-second drill) except we’re going to stay in the four quadrants. It’s an old defensive drill that usually is done half court, full court, and it’s called half court-half court because we have to stay within the half court setting and half of the half court width-wise so that we’re not running into one another.

Half Court-Half Court Defensive Drill

This defensive drill creates great intensity as the players are going at the same time, partnered up. On the way back, they’ll just change assignments; one will be the offensive player, the other one will be the defensive player.

You can see in this defensive drill that they have to get out of their shuffle step, and stay down with hands wide. They need to have good quick feet at defense, but still need to run from time to time to regain that position of staying between the player and getting to where they’re going to.

This defensive drill also emphasizes the dog step forced passion to get back in front of the opposing player and regaining balance.


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