Play Type:“ “  Defensive Drill


Our next defensive segment starts with the ball and going hard, staying in the four quadrants.  This drill is called half court-half court because we have to stay within the half-court setting and half of the half-court width-wise so that we’re not running into one another.


  1. Set up 2 players – One player is offense and one player us defense.
  2. Both sides will be going at the same time, partnered up.
  3. On the way back, they’ll just change assignments; one will be the offensive player, the other one’ll be the defensive player.
  4. Players will have to get out of their shuffle step. They’ll need to run from time to time to regain that position of staying between the other player and where they’re going to.
  5. Be sure to focus on having a stance where the shoulders are square.
  6. Whether it’s being picked up at the wing position or initiating the offense from the point guard position, we just don’t want them to take penetration. We want them to go southeast, southwest, but not directly south to the basket.


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