Play Type:“ “  Ball Handling and Defense Drill


This is a great defense and ballhandling drill that simulates a half court trap, with the ball handler retreating with an escape dribble to get back out into the middle of the floor.

Set Up

  • Have your ball handler line up behind half court with a defender on them.


  1. Your ballhandler will dribble up to the hash mark on the sideline, where a second defender will come trap.
  2. The ballhandler will keep their dribble alive, take 1-2 dribbles backwards, crossover, and get into the middle of the court.

Coaching Tips

This is a very important drill for your point guards. Being able to keep their dribble alive despite a halfcourt trap will result in an easy basket almost every time, as the defense will be forced to guard the other four players with just three of their own.


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