The key to this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]offensive play[/tag]“ is entering the ball into the 3 most“ vulnerable areas of any zone defense: The“ high post, the corner, and the Russion Spot. 
-“ Set up the defense in a 2-3 zone
-“ On offense, Players 1 begins at the top of the key.  Player 2 occupies the right wing, Player 3 occupies the left wing.  Players 4 starts at the right block, and Player 5 at the left block.

-“ Player 1 initiates the offense by passing to Player 2.  He then cuts directly through the key, looking for a give and go pass. 
-“ Player 3 fills the spot at the top of the key vacated by Player 1
-“ If Player 1 is not open, he continues through the lane, then rolls out to his left, filling the spot vacated by Player 3.
-“ The post players are key to this offense.  The weak side post player (the post player opposite the ball – in this case Player 5) flashes towards the ball, up to the high post
-“ Player 2 enters the ball into Player 5
-“ Player 5 squares up and looks for the jump shot.  If not open, he looks to dump the ball into Player 4 at the low block.  If that’s not open, he swings the ball to the left side of the court, then flashes down to the block looking for the block
-“ The play continues as above, with the 3 perimeter players passing and cutting through.  The two post players continue to perform “X-cuts” always filling the high and low posts on one side of the court

Points of Emphasis
-“ Post players: keep your hands up and always be prepared to catch the ball.
-“ Post players: you must shoot from the high post to keep the defense honest
-“ Post players: to get some spacing from the zone, try ducking into the “Russian spot”, six feet from the basket along the baseline.
-“ Guards: Keep the defense honest by shooting open threes
-“ Guards: Dribble at the defender to force him to guard you.  Don’t allow him to sag back and protect the lane exclusively.