In your arsenal of high school basketball plays, it’s important to have a few plays you can run from underneath the basket.  One tried and true inbounds play is called “Stack”.

Set up with your best three point shooter inbounding the ball (let’s assume it’s your 3 man).  The other four players line up along one side of the lane, all facing the inbounder.  When the inbounder slaps the ball, the first player in line (your 5 man) cuts inside and looks for a quick pass andn layup.  The second person in line (your 2 man pops out toward the corner).  Next, the third person in line (your point guard) fades out as a release valve near half court.

Last, you other post player (your 4 man) dives down the lane looking for the ball.  The 4 and the 5 should be physical inside, and look to seal off their defenders to get an open passing lane.  If you have a player with a significant height advantage, look to lob the ball high in the air and have him go up and retrieve it.
If neither of your two big guys are open under the basket, look to dish the ball into the corner to the 2 man.  If he is open, take the shot.

If not, swing the ball back up top to the point guard.

Here’s the key: the 2 man then comes down and sets a screen for the 3 man (inbounder).  After misdirecting toward the middle, the 3-man pops out to the corner and looks for an open jump shot.