These ideas on [tag]how to improve basketball skills[/tag] comes courtesy of Rick. Try these [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]shooting[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] and see immediate results!How to Improve Basketball Skills

Drill #1

When working on our mid range jump shots (10-15 ft.) there are very few opportunities to catch and shoot at that range.

I have two lines of girls starting at half court each with their own ball. They are pushing the ball up the court like they would after getting a pass from the guard after a rebound. I have a cone or better yet a coach standing at free throw line extended. The girls are to push hard like they are going baseline and use either a cross over or other move to come back to the elbow to take a shot. When they get comfortable with this I have them do the same thing but I have a [tag]coach[/tag] or player in the lane. If the coach stays low they shoot. If the coach comes to help on defense they pass to a player on the opposite wing for a shot.

I will also run this [tag]drill[/tag] and have them go in for a layup and use a coach with hand pads (we get them from the football team) and bump them when they go up to make them go up strong.


We record free throws during the week in practice (anywhere from 10-30 depending on the practice) and each week I give out prizes for highest percentage and greatest gain from week to week. At the end of each practice we do our conditioning with free throws. Each player has a one and one. Miss the first one and do 3 down and backs while dribbling. Make the first and miss the second do one and make both no running next girl goes. If I don’t think they are working hard I have them pick up the balls and put them over their heads.

My first day of practice my 12 girls did 33 down and backs with a ball above their heads. They quickly found out how important [tag]free throws[/tag] are.