Many coaches struggle to come up with drills to teach [tag]how to play defense in basketball[/tag].  Here is a [tag]defensive[/tag] [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that Cray sent in.How to Play Defense in Basketball

From Cray…
Defensive Helpside Charge Drill

Start with three lines at half court. Two of the lines are 5’ from each other slightly off center of the rim-2-rim line (10’ from right sideline).
The third line is on the other side about 10’ from the left sideline.
The ball is in the middle line player’s hands.  Blow the whistle and the ballhandler speed [tag]dribbles[/tag] from “½ court to shoot a [tag]layup[/tag] from the right side.
The player in the line closest to him comes from behind trying to tap the ball away.
The player in the line on the other sideline sprints from the weak side to the strong side block and tries to take a charge.

Post Players ([tag]shot blockers[/tag]) instead of a charge…you may let them try to come from weakside to block the shot.
[tag]Guards[/tag]….they should always try and take a [tag]charge[/tag] in this situation.

The drill covers weak side [tag]blocks[/tag], weak side charges, as well as finishing layups during contact.