I was at practice last night and used this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that Ron sent to me on [tag]how to shoot a basketball[/tag].  Try it with your team!How to Shoot a Basketball

We do a “Celtic” [tag]shooting[/tag] drill with our girls 2-3 a week and it has improved our game [tag]shooting stats[/tag].  Here’s how it works:

1.  Split up your team 3-4 players at 6 baskets
2.  Put 2 minutes on the clock to complete the drill
3.  First shooter starts on Baseline“  (Must make 2 shots before moving to next spot)
4.  Move to the Wing (make 2 shots)
5.  Move to FT Line (make 2 shots), can shoot jumpers or free throws!
6.  Move to Top of Key (make 2 shots)
7.  Move to Opposite Wing (make 2 shots)
8.  Move to Opposite Baseline (make 2 shots)
9.  The first person to complete successfully wins, then go to next shooter
10. It is a competition between 6 shooters each round until everyone has shot
11. All winners get out of sprints or use some other reward!!

Hope this makes sense, our girls love this drill,